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Company Values

Safer systems

The organization's primary objective is to create advanced AI systems characterized by three key attributes: reliability, interpretability, and controllability. They achieve this goal through a combination of cutting-edge research, the development of safety measures, and the practical application of these systems through partnerships and products.

Systematic science

The organization regards AI safety as a disciplined science. They approach it systematically by conducting research, implementing safety measures in their products, using the results to inform further research, and consistently sharing their findings with the global community throughout the process.

Team Work

3AI HOLDING operates as an interdisciplinary team composed of researchers, engineers, policy experts, business leaders, and operators. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences from various domains contribute to their collective efforts in their work.


The organization recognizes that AI has the transformative power to reshape the world. They see themselves as just a single component in this evolving landscape and actively collaborate with civil society, government, academia, nonprofits, and industry to promote safety practices and standards throughout the entire AI industry.

Words to live by

We have a strong belief in the profound impact of AI on the world. 3AI HOLDING is committed to constructing dependable AI systems while also conducting research to explore both the potential benefits and risks associated with AI.

Our Values


In our research efforts, we delve into cutting-edge AI across diverse modalities. We explore emerging areas of safety research, ranging from interpretability and reinforcement learning to incorporating human feedback and analyzing policy and societal impacts.

Our research is dedicated to advancing cutting-edge AI in diverse modalities. We actively explore emerging safety research areas, including interpretability, reinforcement learning, and the integration of human feedback. Additionally, we rigorously analyze the far-reaching impacts of AI on policy and society.

Our team conducts frontier AI research, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field. We seek innovative solutions to enhance the reliability and safety of AI systems. By delving into these multifaceted research domains, we strive to develop AI systems that are not only technically advanced but also ethically and socially responsible.

Through our interdisciplinary approach, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and society. Our commitment extends beyond theoretical research, as we actively work towards practical applications and real-world solutions. We collaborate with various stakeholders, including civil society, government, academia, nonprofits, and industry partners, to foster a safer and more responsible AI landscape.

In summary, our research encompasses diverse aspects of AI, with a strong emphasis on safety, ethics, and societal implications. We are dedicated to driving forward the frontiers of AI while ensuring that it benefits humanity as a whole.


We actively consider the consequences of our endeavors and make a concerted effort to convey our insights from the forefront of AI research to policymakers and civil society both domestically and internationally. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of safe and dependable AI.

In the realm of policy, we meticulously consider the ramifications of our undertakings, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to evaluating how our work influences the broader landscape. Our proactive stance centers on disseminating our observations and findings gleaned from the vanguard of AI research. Our outreach efforts are not confined to domestic boundaries; we diligently communicate with policymakers and civil society not only within the United States but also on the international stage.

Our overarching goal is to champion the cause of safe and dependable AI, emphasizing the imperative of responsible AI development. We recognize that the impact of AI extends far beyond technological advancements; it carries profound implications for society, ethics, and governance. Consequently, our engagement with policymakers is geared toward facilitating informed decision-making in shaping AI policies that align with these values.

Whether addressing the challenges of AI ethics, potential societal disruptions, or the ethical dimensions of AI deployment, our commitment to promoting responsible AI remains unwavering. By collaborating with policymakers and civil society both at home and abroad, we aim to foster a global environment where AI innovation goes hand in hand with safety and reliability. Through this concerted effort, we endeavor to contribute meaningfully to the development of an AI landscape that benefits humanity as a whole.


Our research finds practical expression in tangible tools, which offer real-world benefits to businesses, nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals worldwide.

Our research endeavors culminate in the development of tangible and pragmatic tools, which serve as instrumental assets to a diverse array of entities. These innovative solutions are engineered with the overarching goal of imparting substantial benefits to a wide spectrum of organizations, including businesses, nonprofit institutions, and civil society groups. However, the impact extends beyond these entities alone, radiating its advantages to their respective clients and the broader global community.

Our unwavering dedication to translating complex research findings into accessible, user-friendly applications that are attuned to the needs of today's dynamic world. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, we aspire to confront pressing challenges and catalyze positive outcomes across a multitude of sectors.

In essence, our work strives to empower businesses to operate more efficiently, nonprofits to serve their missions more effectively, and civil society groups to enact meaningful change. By extension, this creates a ripple effect, impacting the lives and experiences of individuals on a global scale. Through the development and deployment of products, we endeavor to harness the transformative potential of research, thereby contributing significantly to the betterment of communities and individuals around the world.


Within 3AI HOLDING, our dedicated teams in people management, finance, legal, and recruitment serve as the driving force behind our organization. Our team members bring with them a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds, including stints at Travel industry, startups, and the armed forces. These diverse and accomplished experiences contribute significantly to creating an enriching and dynamic work environment at 3AI HOLDING.

At the heart of QX LAB AI, our dedicated teams in people management, finance, legal, and recruitment serve as the indispensable pillars that propel our organization forward. Comprising individuals with a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, including extensive experience in the travel industry, startups, and even service in the armed forces, our team members collectively bring a treasure trove of expertise and knowledge to the table.

This diverse array of backgrounds and accomplishments not only enriches our organizational culture but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the vibrant and dynamic work environment that defines QX LAB AI. Drawing from their past experiences in diverse sectors, our team members infuse our organization with fresh perspectives and innovative thinking.

Whether it's leveraging insights from the fast-paced startup world or the discipline and precision instilled by the armed forces, our teams harness their unique backgrounds to drive excellence in people management, financial strategy, legal compliance, and talent acquisition.

In essence, our commitment to diversity and the wealth of experiences within our team contribute significantly to our collective success, empowering us to tackle complex challenges, foster innovation, and continue to thrive as a dynamic force within the AI industry. At 3AI HOLDING, we recognize that it's our people and their diverse expertise that truly make the difference.


Our presence at 3AI HOLDING is wholly dedicated to our mission: ensuring that the potential of transformative AI is harnessed to promote the well-being and flourishing of both individuals and society as a whole. As we anticipate a swift evolution in AI capabilities over this decade, we recognize that these advancements will present new and unprecedented challenges.

Our presence at QX LAB is wholly dedicated to our mission: ensuring that the potential of transformative AI is harnessed to promote the well-being and flourishing of both individuals and society as a whole. As we anticipate a swift evolution in AI capabilities over this decade, we recognize that these advancements will present new and unprecedented challenges.

In our relentless pursuit of this mission, we adopt a multifaceted approach. We actively engage in the development of cutting-edge AI systems, closely studying their behaviors. Our commitment extends to the responsible deployment of these systems, and we consistently share our invaluable insights on safety.

Our collaborative spirit extends to partnering with other projects and stakeholders who share a common goal: fostering a future where AI contributes positively to humanity. Through our collective efforts, we strive to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and ensure that its progress aligns with the betterment of people and society.


Within our company, we cultivate an exceptional culture of trust. We operate on the principle of assuming good intentions, fostering respectful disagreements, and placing honesty at the forefront. Our standards include an expectation of emotional maturity and a commitment to intellectual openness.

In its optimal form, this culture of trust empowers us to collectively arrive at decisions that are more astute and impactful than any one of us could achieve independently.

In our company, we diligently nurture a unique and outstanding culture centered around trust. At its core, our approach hinges on the fundamental belief that individuals act with good intentions. We actively encourage and facilitate respectful debates and prioritize transparency and candor in all our interactions.

Within our organization, we hold ourselves to high standards, with an explicit requirement for emotional maturity and a resolute dedication to intellectual openness. This commitment to fostering trust and open communication forms the bedrock of our working environment.

In its most ideal manifestation, this culture of trust serves as a powerful catalyst for collective decision-making. It enables us to pool our diverse perspectives and expertise, resulting in decisions that transcend the limitations of individual contributions. By embracing this culture, we harness the full potential of our team, paving the way for decisions that are not only more refined but also far-reaching in their positive impact on our organization and its mission.

Innovation is just the beginning in the realm of 3AI HOLDING

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