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Enabling the world of AI

Identifying groundbreaking ventures

 Identifying & investing in ventures developing cutting-edge solutions with the potential to disrupt industries

Enabling portfolio companies to drive success

Providing our portfolio companies with the guidance, support, and go-to-market expertise to scale their businesses

Building a better future with AI

Committed to the belief that AI has the potential to solve the world’s most pressing challenges – investing in companies that are using AI for good

The world’s first hybrid Generative AI platform

Hybrid Generative AI

The world’s first hybrid generative AI comprised 30% large language models and 70% proprietary neural network architecture

Bespoke AI models

 Building tailored AI models that address the specific business challenges and deliver measurable results

Easy integration

  • SDK APIs and bespoke solutions for easy integration of our models to a company’s existing systems

Full-stack Generative AI built in India for the world

Indian AI for the world

  • Building generative AI capabilities for India, marrying Bharatiya linguistic and cultural heritage with technological innovation

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Modal

  • The first version to converse in 11 Indian languages – eventually expanding to all 22 official Indian languages in the subsequent versions

Compute Vision

  • Going beyond foundational models to create bespoke solutions capturing various industry-wise use cases

A conversation media platform

Personalized self-expression

  •  Enabling users to express themselves with custom stickers, vibrant themes, and diverse fonts

AI-powered conversations

  • Providing smart suggestions, real-time translation across Indian languages, and seamless text-to-speech capabilities for better communication

Smart investing app

Effortless investing

  •  Automating investing by rounding up purchases and investing spare change

Financial GPT assistant

  •  AI assistant for updates and meaningful portfolio insights

Diversified portfolios

  •  Offering a selection of pre-built ETF portfolios or the flexibility to create custom portfolios